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Startup Weekly - Productivity and Workflow Optimization with Matthew Johnson of Taskable

Matthew Johnson is the co-founder of Taskable, a smart to-do list and productivity assistant that helps you get into your workflow. In this interv...

Startup Weekly

Startup Weekly – Design And Sustainable Business Growth With Sisa Lleses From Design Off The Boat

Sisa Lleses is the co-founder of Design Off The Boat, a borderless product design agency, dedicated to building solutions for companies that address..

Startup Weekly

Startup Weekly – Storytelling For Your Professional Brand With Tony Malz Of Sizigi

Tony Malz is the CEO and Founder of Sizigi, a visual story telling and e-portfolio platform for your professional brand. Tony shares some great in...

Startup Weekly

Leveraging the Potency of SEO

Ranking high on the search engine is no simple task for any business—especially when Google’s search algorithm takes in over 200 factors to rank a...


Startup Weekly – Data Insights And Entrepreneurship With Matthew Schmidt Of People Logic

Matthew Schmidt is the CEO and Founder of People Logic, a Software as a Service tool that connects insights about your team, processes, and customer..

Startup Weekly

Startup Weekly – Building And Cultivating Community With Deepak Kumar Of Habitate

Deepak Kumar is the founder of Habitate, a community platform that allows any business to add community discussions to their website. Deepak breaks...

Startup Weekly

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