12 Community Building Tools for All Your Needs

January 7, 2021

Building an online community is no easy task. It requires showing up every single day to cultivate conversation and immerse yourself in the community you are fostering. That being said, you want to make the process of cultivating community as efficient as possible. Leveraging technology and your own bespoke community platform will allow you to focus on what really matters; cultivating conversation and insights with your community members.

We spent some time recently researching, testing out and speaking with the creators of some of the community tools listed below. We thought it would be good to share this list for anyone who is looking to create a community for their business.

If I have missed any others please drop them in the comments below.

  1. YEN - Built by John Saddington, "YEN helps founders launch a branded community platform in just a few clicks." @8bit is the king of community building and is building some really cool things with YEN.
  2. Discourse - Is an open source community discussion platform. Probably best suited to medium sized and fast growing communities.
  3. Disciple - A fully-branded, independent and profitable community platform that works on Web, iOS and Android. Disciple is a media rich platform suited for small and growing communities.
  4. Mighty Networks - A comprehensive community tool that also has online courses, and memberships together in one place.
  5. Playgroup - Is a modern community platform that are mixing old style forums in a modern app to bring people together. Looks like a good option for those just starting out.
  6. Tribe - Tribe is an integrated community platform that you can bolt on to your existing website. It allows you to create a stand-alone or integrated community website. Another good option for those starting out.
  7. Circle - "A modern community platform for creators". Circle gives small creators the ability to create their own integrated community platform.
  8. Flarum Pro - Flarum Pro enables premium hosting for beautiful forums. Ideal for online brands, professional software and video games.
  9. Hivebrite - Is an all in one community platform. They seem to be geared more towards enterprise clients and larger organizations.
  10. Habitate - Built by  Deepak Kumar. Habitate is a community platform that integrates with your existing website and gives customers a space to engage in discussions, polls, AMA's and much more.
  11. Spectrum - Making it easy to grow safe, successful online communities that are built to last.
  12. Honeycomb - A full-featured community software solution that allows you to create your own social network. Honeycomb caters more towards larger brands and organizations.

Honorable Mentions

  1. Slack - Great for creators or entrepreneurs who want to kick start their community ASAP. Many are already familiar with Slack and its a great way to foster conversation. In fact, we are currently using Slack for our own private community with Startup Sanctuary.
  2. Discord - Another good option for getting your Minimum Viable Community set up and running.
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