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January 7, 2021

It was quite a busy couple of weeks in the lead up to our newest platform update on October 15th. As we continue to create and curate actionable material around business building and entrepreneurship, we are more committed than ever to creating an ecosystem that empowers you to take action. 

With the launch of our new Startup Sanctuary platform, there has been a few major updates that we are excited to share. 

1. New courses and new instructors.
2. On-Demand learning for all your Devices.
3. Events and weekly feature interviews.
4. Weekly workshops for the community.

1. New courses and new instructors.

We have introduced a whole host of new courses and instructors. This material is all geared towards getting you into taking action and paving your trajectory towards building your own business. You can check out all of the new courses on our courses page, and see some of the new instructors here.

2. On-Demand learning

All of our featured courses can be taken on your own time and at your own pace. Our interactive video lessons can be taken on all of your devices; desktop, mobile & tablet. We are continuing to implement creative ways to improve online learning. We recoginze that online learning platforms and environments can often times be quite one dimensional, with users simply watching videos in a passive fashion. This is why we put such a large emphasis on community as part of Startup Sanctuary. Getting involved with others who are learning and going through a similar experience as you shifts you into a more active way of being.

3. Events and weekly feature interviews.

We are continuing to create as many valuable insights from other startup founders and our expert course instructors. We'll continue ramping up content with feature interviews, workshops and masterclasses with some of these domain experts. Stay tuned to our events page for what is on the calendar.

4. Weekly workshops for the community.

It all starts with community! You may have seen that we now have over 60 entrepreneurs and creators building businesses and projects in The Sanctuary (Our Private Community). We know how hard it can be to start a business, and having a supportive community in place to aid you in the process is essential. Not only this, but learning from others who have done it before can save you a whole host of mistakes on your own business building journey. Ask questions, request feedback and work directly along side other founders and instructors in the community. We conduct workshops on fresh topics each week to keep you up to speed on what is working and best practises.

                                                                                 You can join The Sanctuary for $19.99 per month.

Seize the Opportunity

There really has never been a better opportunity to create a unique business or build something around your personal brand online. The ability to make a living off creative skills has trickled all the way down to individuals at scale. Whether you want to create a SaaS product, eCommerce business, sell online courses or build you personal brand, all the tools are there and ready for you to start taking action today.

As the passion economy continues to grow and the long tail of human creative output play out online, we are continuing to invest in bringing you the best resources and material around online business and entrepreneurship. We also have plenty of new ideas to implement in the coming months, but until then, keep on building!

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