Building Relationships with Email Marketing

Building relationships through email marketing is both an art and a science. In this course, you'll get a breakdown of...

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Jessica Nevins

About the Course

In this course you will learn:

- How to leverage the power of you and your brand with each email

- Understanding the psychology that leads to conversions

- Subject lines that increase your email open rates

- The 4 types of emails that create strong relationships with your subscribers and your list

- Effective email marketing automation tools and how to use them

- Keeping your subscribers coming back for more

Course Content

  • LESSON 1 – Welcome to the course
  • LESSON 2 – Leveraging You – The Power of Your Message
  • LESSON 3 – Why Building Relationships Leads to Conversions
  • LESSON 4 – Subject Lines – Getting Them to Open Your Email
  • LESSON 5 – The 4 Most Effective Types of Emails to Send
  • LESSON 6 – Creating a Compelling Automated Email Sequence
  • LESSON 7 – Setting Up Your Automated Sequence
  • LESSON 8 – Continuing Your Connection With Your Subscribers Through Regular Broadcasts