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In this course, students will learn how to mold their mindset to bring their visions into reality. The video lessons are filled with potent tips...

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Jessica Nevins

About the Course

In this course, students will learn how to mold their mindset to bring their visions into reality. The video lessons are filled with potent tips, valuable perspectives and notable keys to help you unlock your next level. 

This class is for all levels.  From beginners to experts, all will learn strategies and tools they can use to immediately uplevel their mindset.

Whether desiring to get to the next level with your business, your health, your relationships, your income, your self-expression or beyond, all the skills learned in this course will prove beneficial. You’ll quickly find that as you apply these lessons to one area of your life, it creates a ripple effect of powerful shifts in other areas of your life too. The lessons are easy to apply in your day to day life and even your business.

Here's the key to moving through this course.  Anything that helps you feel better, get clarity and garner a fresh perspective is the ultimate objective.  Favor thoughts aligned with the life and business you deeply desire, embody confident expectation, and feel the feelings of having what you want already.

The only prerequisite required is an open mind, ready and willing to learn.  Knowing how to be present, absorb the information and adapt to it will be helpful for students who take this class.  Keeping a notebook with you while you watch lessons is suggested in the case that you want to take notes or have an immediate shift occur!  If that does happen, feel free to pause the video and write it down before resuming the content. Last step is to trust that it's all working even if you’re not seeing immediate results.  It’s a process.

Course Content

  • LESSON 1 How to Connect with Your Identity to Uplevel in
  • LESSON 2 Success Leaves Clues and How to Decode Them in
  • LESSON 3 Why Triggers Are Like Gold for Your Next Level & How to Use Them to Your Favor in
  • LESSON 4 How to Get Magnetic in
  • LESSON 5 Why Choice is Everything in