Refund Policy


If you are completely unsatisfied with a course, you can request a refund within two weeks (14 days) from the date of your purchase.

If you would like a full refund of your order, you should contact us via the following link

When making a refund request, it is important that you provide us with the following information:

- The email address associated with your Startup Sanctuary profile.
- The order ID you would like to get a refund from. (This can be found in your order confirmation email)
- The reason why you are requesting a refund for the course.

Providing this information will allow us to coordinate your request as efficiently as possible.

Please also note the following information relating to your potential refund.

Purchases made via Credit/debit card or via PayPal / Stripe

This refund will be made to the same credit or debit card that you used to make the payment. Or, it may be made to the PayPal account that you used to complete the payment, if this is the case, you will receive a notification email.

Please note that this may take several days to be reflected in your account, depending on the time your bank takes to handle payments.

If you have any further questions related to a potential refund, please do not hesitate to contact us.