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Gordon is the Founder of Startup Sanctuary. He has over five years of experience in Technology Consulting and Digital Transformation. He created Startup Sanctuary to help entrepreneurs and creators start, grow and monetize their businesses. We are creating a connected ecosystem with instructors, courses, entrepreneurs and creators; all in one place. We are on a quest to share everything we know about building in the digital sphere and help people to kickstart their businesses.

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My Past Projects

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Building Your Minimum Viable Product

Bringing ideas to life is never easy. In this course, you will learn how to craft and create your Minimum Viable Product.

$ 49.00 USD

Create and Sell Digital Products

There has never been a better opportunity to create and sell digital products online. In this course...

$ 99.00 USD

The Building Blocks of Online Business

The fundamentals of building any type of business are the same. In this course, we look at how these fundamentals...

$ 49.00 USD


Startup Weekly - Productivity and Workflow Optimization with Matthew Johnson of Taskable

Matthew Johnson is the co-founder of Taskable, a smart to-do list and productivity assistant that helps you get into your workflow. In this interv...

Startup Weekly

The All New Startup Sanctuary

It was quite a busy couple of weeks in the lead up to our newest platform update on October 15th. As we continue to create and curate actionable....


Startup Weekly – Design And Sustainable Business Growth With Sisa Lleses From Design Off The Boat

Sisa Lleses is the co-founder of Design Off The Boat, a borderless product design agency, dedicated to building solutions for companies that address..

Startup Weekly

Startup Weekly – Storytelling For Your Professional Brand With Tony Malz Of Sizigi

Tony Malz is the CEO and Founder of Sizigi, a visual story telling and e-portfolio platform for your professional brand. Tony shares some great in...

Startup Weekly

Startup Weekly – Building The First Jitterless Coffee Startup With Quokka Brew

George Passantino and Ofek Arush are the founders of Quokka Brew, the first coffee with no jitters & no Crash, a cold brew coffee with oat milk &...

Startup Weekly

Startup Weekly – Data Insights And Entrepreneurship With Matthew Schmidt Of People Logic

Matthew Schmidt is the CEO and Founder of People Logic, a Software as a Service tool that connects insights about your team, processes, and customer..

Startup Weekly

Startup Weekly – Building And Cultivating Community With Deepak Kumar Of Habitate

Deepak Kumar is the founder of Habitate, a community platform that allows any business to add community discussions to their website. Deepak breaks...

Startup Weekly

Startup Weekly – Building Software And Growing A Business With Samy Dindane Of Hypefury

Samy Dindane is the founder of Hypefury, a twitter scheduling tool that allows you to schedule tweets, save time and maximize your Twitter presence...

Startup Weekly

Startup Weekly – Entrepreneurship, Neuroscience And Focus With Iain Cameron McIntyre Of Humm

Iain Cameron McIntyre is the CEO and founder of Humm. Over the past 8 years Iain and his team have built Humm and are now embarking on their product..

Startup Weekly

Lead Generation for Startups

Lead Generation is one of the most fundamental components for any business. There are a whole host of enterprise level solutions available for...


How to Productize Your Services

We all have our own unique experiences and insights that make up who we are. The great thing is that no two peoples experiences and insights will...


Fundamentals for Sustainable Growth

Every creative human endeavour requires enormous amounts of trial and error. Starting a business follows the same process and trajectory...


Startup Weekly – Personal Branding With Zviko Masiiwa Of Ambitious Tribe

Zviko Masiiwa is the creator and founder of Ambitious Tribe. Since moving to Australia 5 years ago, Zviko has built up her own personal brand...

Startup Weekly

Speed For Startups

Speed and agility is one of the biggest advantages you have as a startup or sole founder. While you may not have resources in the form of a large...


Startup Weekly – Felix Wong And Growth Marketing

Felix Wong is head of growth marketing for the Asia Pacific arm of Angel Hub. Overseeing AngelHub’s growth strategy and digital footprint...

Startup Weekly

The Internet of Value

The internet has had many iterations over the course of its lifetime. One thing it has never had though, is a built in value protocol. The internet...


How to Become Data Rich

The importance of being data rich with customers, especially when running a digital business can’t be understated in 2020. We hear about the import...


Building Remote Relationships

Given that so many are becoming accustomed to working remotely and learning about new tools in the digital space, it is becoming increasingly import..


Empowering Communities With Social Money

With the changing dynamic of the way we interact with one another in the digital space, content creation and collaboration is taking on new forms in a


75+ Tools For Startups And The Future Of Work

It’s no doubt that there has never been a better time to start your own business and build products within the digital sphere. There are a whole host.


Startup Weekly – Building Community And Podcasting With Dan Schoonmaker

Dan Schoonmaker is the founder and creator of Caster Community, a hub for all things podcasting. With a background in software development and a...

Startup Weekly

Distributed Teams And Decentralized Work

The rise of distributed first organizations has been facilitated by the ubiquity of technology over the past decade. On a global scale, 1 in every 3..


Think Like a Startup

I’ve always found disruptive innovation very interesting. What is even more interesting, is how some of the most innovative breakthroughs come from


The Art of the Pivot

There is an idea in business and especially in startups that when you launch your product or service that it has to be complete; that it has to be...


Towards Product Market Fit

It sounds so simple, but oftentimes we approach starting a business by creating a product or service that we think customers want. In reality, we...


The Passion Economy

The ubiquity of technology at scale and the ever increasing amount of online tools allow almost anyone to monetize unique skills online. We saw the...


Lead Generation For Startups

Lead Generation is one of the most fundamental components for any business. There are a whole host of enterprise level solutions available for...


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