About Me

Isabel is an SEO specialist who's love of travel and blogging has helped her to refine her expertise with Search Engine Optimization.

Blogging since 2006, Isabel went from a hobby travel blogger to earning a consistent, full-time income from her blog.

It's all thanks to successful digital marketing, SEO and content strategies.

Fulfilling her dreams of ditching a 40-hour desk job, she's now a self-proclaimed digital nomad roaming the world at whim.

My Past Experience

6 months in Europe visiting 16 countries, 55 cities and 11 European languages later, I moved on to working and travelling the North and South island of New Zealand for another 6 months.

After the 6-month Working Holiday in New Zealand, and working from Japan for another 8 months, I’m back home in Singapore, planning the next off-beaten path.

Since travelling independently from 2015 and after countless reviews of hotels and tours, I’ve slowly redefined the meaning of travel.


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