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Tincuta Nitu (aka Tini) is a writer and course creator with a background in nutrition and teaching. She has created multiple highly rated digital courses. And she works fast – one course created in 5 days, another in 3 days, and one course in just 3 hours.

Tincuta’s work follows a strong ethic based on experience, freedom, authenticity. She says: “Everyone has a course in them. If you’ve learned something, you can teach it. And when you talk from experience, then it’s easy to create an online course”.

Moreover, Tincuta helps experts bring their ideas to life in the form of online courses and books.

“Her style is simple yet powerful” as one of her clients has said. If you’re looking to learn course & content creation skills that you can immediately put into practice, without the fluff, then check out Tincuta’s courses.


Create Fresh and Engaging Content

This course will bring you through a bespoke process for creating your own unique content. Whether it is for social media, your blog, creating courses...

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"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time in now" - Chinese Proverb.

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